Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enough energy to power the entire city of New York

That’s about how much energy was in the room last night at In Good Company when the women of Collective-E hosted their launch party last evening.

Beth looked amazing in her custom designed dress, Sabina totally stunning (thanks to her “stylist”) and Katie positively beaming (and not because David was in the room!). These three amazing ladies have embarked upon a journey to organize the most energetic, movers and shakers of the female entrepreneurial world.

We are the young and the not so young. We are launchers and we are veteran businesswomen. We are brilliant lawyers like Renee L. Duff, delectable confectioners like Jill Frechtman, budding etailers like Arlene Abrams of Bubbelove and many other wonderful and exciting doers and dreamers. We come from all walks of life, all economic backgrounds, all levels of education and all forms of business but we share one thing in common – the desire to work together to see each other succeed and flourish.

It was great to finally put names and avatars to faces and people. For those Twitters – yes @KatjaPresnal does look exactly like her avatar!

The internet and the phone are sometimes so impersonal – nothing can beat the warmth of a smile and the embrace of a cyber friend. As a home based business my interaction with other entrepreneurs is limited to say the least. I look forward to these meetings to meet up with others who share the same goals, values and missions that I do. Female entrepreneurs are a rare breed – we march to the beat of a different drum – the drum only another female entrepreneur can hear.

It was so good to see my good friend Joanne Morton out and about spreading Magic Passion Love to all the party goers. Joanne is also showing her amazing art work at Lolita in lower Manhattan now through November 2nd. Stop in to say hello and see her talent in action if you are in the area.

You know it is always good to see Jeanette from Aunt Jeans Toys and Treasures and fellow former incubator members Marion Cage and Kristin Winnicki socially and in a non-tradeshow environment.

When the night was coming to a close I was sad – this was such a happy, energetic evening that I didn’t want to see it end – but it is not the end – it is just the beginning – I do believe that this is the start of something good…………….

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vote for Just Bubbly!

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