Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bryant Park 2009!

It's been a while since I have posted to the Just Bubbly Blog, but that could be in part because I have been so very busy creating items for our booth at The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park.
While some people say that we are in a deep recession, my lack of posting and sleep will beg to differ with you. Our shop has been buzzing, every day all day since we opened in early November. Yes there have been slow days and days where the weather has kept buyers at bay but those days are few and far between. After being in business for over 25 years I feel that I can attribute much our success at Bryant Park this year in part to the fabulous management team that Upsilon Ventures has assembled. The efforts that have been put into this years Holiday Shops are apparent every where you turn. The recent addition of Natasha as marketing strategist has been one of the many reasons we have been seeing the increase in traffic at the Park that we have seen. Natasha works day and night with all the vendors to maximize their marketing opportunities through the use of Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger as well as the press and media to bring the best of the best to the general public's attention. We were even mentioned in the New York Times! Natasha and Ariana have coordinate Tweets about sales, events and other vendors of interest every weekend. Then there is Deb who is "faceless" to most because she works tirelessly behind the scenes handling any and every issue that may arise and answering every question anyone can think of. If there is ever a problem we can be confident that a call to Deb will get it all straightened out pronto.
With the change of the parade route this year I had a very bad feeling about opening our shop on Thanksgiving Day. But Ariana insisted and we did as always. This my friends had to be the biggest surprise I could ever have gotten. I was expecting to deal with chaos because of the changes, but I could not have been more wrong. Joe and the rest of the security team at the park had everything under control. Security was top notch as it has been all season, there were security personnel prominent all day every where you looked. Not a single incident - not one. I was impressed to say the least. Sales were brisk, people especially tourists were buying and the feeling in the air was light and happy which made Ariana happy :-)
Overall I must say that I am extremely pleased and impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and cooperation that is Bryant Park this year. From Natasha and her Social Networking magic, to Deb and her amazing organization ability, to Joe who makes sure that everything is top notch and in perfect working order for the vendors to Frank who is everywhere at once for everyone who needs him and all the others who we never see or hear about - I must say thank you. This year is proving to be the best yet! have done an amazing job - I sure hope you can some sleep this January!
So if you are in the area and looking for some great shooping opportunities stop in to Just Bubbly's booth C-14 on the corner of "fountain" and "rink" (near the corner of 40th & 6th Avenue) and take advantage of our discounts for teacher, military and Citi Bank members.