Sunday, July 27, 2008

Halloween is a howling!

Here is a small sampling of this years Halloween Collection. From Ghosts and Pumpkin soaps scented "Trick or Treat" to Candy Corn scented Soapsicles to our famous Monster Mash Room Spray which is guaranteed to get rid of all monsters we have something for everyone. Halloween Ducks and Mad Scientist Ducks add personality to our display.

Back From Philly

Well I am back from the Philadelphia Gift Show and I am pleased to announce that is was a huge success. The buyers were out and ready to buy. There were very few signs that we are in a recession at this gift show. Lots of new orders and lots of reorders. The newest of he products were ordered in record amounts! Buyer confidence was amazing as was the energy at the show. Now to get busy and get everyone shipped! New York Gift Show is in 3 weeks!!!