Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meet Our Newest Product Tester!

As many of you know, both of my children are grown now and have little or no desire to try and test any of our unique, new and exciting products. I have been looking and searching high and low for what seems to be forever for another dedicated product tester. Well recently I was cyber-introduced to a fantastic young man (and his fantastic mom) who graciously agreed to accept the position. I would like to introduce all of my friends, readers, followers, retailer customers and wholesale customers to our newest member of the Just Bubbly Team, Julien Collot.

Now Julien is not just your ordinary product tester. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and consciencous. Just look at the intensity on his face as he tests our famous Foaming Hand Soap. According to his mom Jackie "he really loves it, smells great- (he usually HATES washing...especially because the soaps are so hard on his skin BUT YOURS ISNT!!!"

So far Julien has tested and approved of the Bubble Gum Foaming Hand Soap and the Alphabet Soaps which his mom Jackie recalls when he first tried them out. "He just called me into the bathroom to show me that he lined up the whole alphabet! They smell like "fruit loops" the "bubble level" is perfect for him- he cannot do too soapy- he cannot handle anything drying out his skin even more."

You see, Julien cannot use any products on his skin that are harsh and drying because his skin is already extremely dried and sore from the Graft Vs. Host Disease he is currently fighting. Prior to that Julien also had cancer. Since the age of 3, 5 year old Julien has battled an aggressive form of leukemia (AML) which is rare in one so young. The kind of cancer that Julien had is so rare that cancer researchers have barely started to focus on a cure. Yet he greets every day with a smile and a positive attitude. I am truly honored to have Julien join the Just Bubbly Team! If you would like to read more about Julien just visit And....if you would like to send Julien an email and ask him some product questions, or questions about any of his other interests you can reach him at Welcome aboard Julien!

Monday, February 02, 2009

New Designs for Spring '09

Just Bubbly launched it new line of handcrafted educational soaps to national and international retailers at the recent New York and Philadelphia Gift Shows. Equally popular were all three new designs. "ABC Come Bathe With Me" alphabet soaps are fruity scented and packaged in a clear handled container and include all letters of the alphabet. "Math For The Bath" contains both numbers and math symbols helping to teach little ones not only their numbers but math functions while they enjoy the fruity scent in the bath tub. The Puzzle Piece Soaps are a set of 6 matching puzzle pieces that help little ones and special needs children hand eye coordination as well as color recognition. Pieces interlock together to make a primary multicolored puzzle. Soaps all conform to vegan guidelines and are hypoallergenic.