Monday, May 02, 2011

Just Bubbly Announces Monthly "Rescue Adoption"

As many of you know - I am a die hard animal advocate. I rescue, care for and help those who help the unfortunate furkids that find themselves homeless. The poor NYACC kitties and doggies tear at my heart each time I see one who will more than likely die before their time because they have no one to save them. Every night their innocent faces haunt me, I pray for angels or for someone, anyone to please save them. Some are sick and in need of vetting, some are surrendered by their families because they have been evicted from their home, some are there because their human has died and there was no provisions made for them, some are simply labeled as "stray" and others are just abandoned and dumped by the human they thought would always protect them.

What can be done to help these poor sentient beings???? So I thought & thought & decided that Just Bubbly will start a "rescue adoption"-every month we will donate 25% of ALL animal related retail sales to a rescue group. This includes ALL items on our website that have ANY connection to animals! Honey Bear Bubble Bath, Dinosaur Soaps, My Pet Fish are ALL included!!!

Every month we will select from those rescue groups who have expressed interest in being "adopted" and 25% of ALL retail sales will be donated to their rescue. In addition to the 25% we will create a custom soap with the logo for the rescue adopted and donate 20 soaps to them for them to distribute/sell or give as gifts.

Check our Fan Page at Just Bubbly to see who we have selected every month. We will begin with our first rescue in May, 2011.

Just Bubbly is a small, handcrafted bath & body company who DOES NOT test on animals, nor do any of the suppliers we buy from. While our donation may be small it is my hope that it will make a difference in the life of some poor sentient being hoping to live another day.

While our monthy "rescue adoptions" will primarily focus on those rescues who pull animals from the euthanization list at NYACC we will consider any group that is dedicated to saving the lives of those furbabies who have been left at shelters.

It is my hope that this will help save the lives of some of the poor furkids that have found themselves homeless.

If you are a rescue interested in becoming one of our "Adoptees" or if you know of a rescue that will benefit please message me and let me know and you will be added to the list of approved rescue groups. Please feel free to share this note with any rescue who may be interested.