Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Are Family......

The camaraderie that can be found among artisans - especially the ones that I travel with - is unparalleled. We do not see each other every weekend, sometimes it is months between our meetings, but when we do get together it is always an awesome experience. Well the Oyster Bay Oysterfest was no exception. Each year we exhibit at one of Long Islands grandest events. The Oysterfest welcomes over 300,000 patrons and never fails to be a productive event for everyone there. This event is run by none other that Mel Warren. Each year Mel ( who is also a very talented leather craftsman) organizes, plots and plans the exhibitor portion of the event. He does everything from ordering the tents to making sure that we have hot coffee and donuts to start each day of the event. Well this year Mel turned a young 80 years young. Now understand, Mel's birthday was in June, but this is the first chance we all had to get together and celebrate with him. So on Sunday morning we surprised Mel with a cake and an intimate gathering of his "favorite" artisans. Not to make Mel feel "older" Sonny decided that we would'nt put a number 80 candle on the cake but rather a 50 and a 30! Mel was so surprised he didn't know what to say but did assure me that both Sonny and I would "pay dearly" next year for surprising him. (I guess my space will be located closer to the port a potty next year!) The gathering of friends who are like family is a gathering that doesn't happen often enough. We come from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Deleware, Conneticut and as far away as Florida. Can you name any of the artisans in the picture? We come from many different places but when we get together it is like a family reunion! Happy 50 + 30 Mel! Now get working on next years festival!

Friday, October 03, 2008

My Pet Fish Soap Featured in the News!

Well our friendly fish are featured in the news again. Today they are the product of choice of the popular Tried and tested by the staff at our My Pet Fish Soap has passed their test and have their seal of approval! Thanks Neatostuff for the honor. My Pet Fish Soap in a bag is guaranteed to provide hours of fun in the tub for children of all ages (grown up kids included!)
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