Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's been a while........................

Well it has been a while since I have updated the Just Bubbly blog. Things have been busy around here with so many new and exciting happenings to report - mostly good things but one not so good. During January of this year, our best and favorite product tester Julien Collot lost his battle with GvHost disease. Many of you remember my introducing Julien in 2009 as the newest member of the Just Bubbly family. Julien is an amazing boy - he made work fun! He tested all the newest products and reported back to me with his likes and suggestions - he fought cancer and won - only to be taken from us way too early by GvHost disease. Julien is now at peace, playing in heaven and watching us all down here. God Speed Julien - you accomplished so much in your too sort lifetime. For those who want to learn a little more about Julien you can visit the website founded in his honor http://www.thejuliencollotfoundation.org/

January was a busy month for Just Bubbly! We closed up our shop at The Holiday Shops in Bryant Park for the season and moved into wholesale mode three days later at the Philadelphia Gift Show. Business was brisk and buying was good - the weather wreaked havoc again as we awaited the arrival of yet another ice/snow storm. Making their debut at the Philly show were the new Just Bubbly Inspiration Soaps. Perfect for a Serenity gift, friendship area or any section of your shop where inspiration is needed and words can describe! Individually handcrafted from our famous high quality goatmilk soap and lightly scented with a milk & honey fragrance, these are sure to be a wonderful addition to your shop. The words are embedded into the bar of soap and will last for the life of the soap then dissolve. Chose from a wide assortment of our inspriational words or chose your own.
After the Philadelphia show we moved on over to the New York International Gift Show where once again the weather was not our friend! Lots of interesting and anxious to spend buyers flooded the show the first two days - then.....the ice storm came and the buyers left leaving us with tons of followups to make to all those shop owners who "flew" through the show like lightening so they could get home before the storm. the good news is that orders from those buyers started to come in evern before we closed the show! You can look for Just Bubbly Handcrafted Bath & Body Products at many of your favorite retailers across the US!
Well that's all for now - I will try and post more new products and introduce you to the new JB Greek line of licensed sorority soaps and bubble baths!

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